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Birkenstock, Sandals, Water Shoes

We can resole most types of sandals with many options in soling materials.

We can rebuild Chocos, Teva, Birkenstocks, and many others.

The 5.10 Dot rubber is great for boat sandals or any anyone who is in the water a lot.

We can also put several different Vibram work/hiking boot soles on most footware. A rugged hiking sole will last much longer and work on more surfaces than any other soling available.

Orthodox materials are available as well. Birkenstock soling is a crepe material which is light weight and gives lots of cushion.

RMR has the ability to combine the softness of the crepe with the durability of a Vibram sole. I myself wear a pair of lightweight sandals with a 1/4″ of soft EVA with a no slip restaurant sole. Our shop is all concrete and I am able feel comfortable all day.


Sandal Resole

 Type of Repair
 Birkenstock Resole
 Foot bed Replacement
 VIBRAM Soling
 EVA Midsole (per pair)
 5.10 Dot Rubber
 Toe or Heel Wedges (per pair)
 Cork Work