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Asolo Hiking Boot Resole Before and After

Asolo Hiking Boot Resole

Your Asolo hiking boots can live again and give more years of walking comfort with new Vibram soles.

Here’s some examples of Asolo hiking boots that we have given a better bottom (resoled).

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Asolo Hiking Boots Before Resole Repair


Asolo Hiking Boots After Resole Repair


Asolo Leather Hiking Boots Before Resole Repair

 Asolo Resole Cleaned and Conditioned

Asolo Leather Hiking Boots After Resole Repair with Cleaning and Conditioning

Asolo Boot Needs Repair

Asolo Leather Hiking Boots Needs Resole Repair

Resoled Asolo Hiking Boot with Vibram Bifida Sole

Asolo Leather Hiking Boots with New Vibram Bifida Sole