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Ski Boot Resole Repair

Telemark and Ski Boot Resole and Repair Specialists

Ski Boots take a lot of abuse on mountain slopes and require a good fit to enjoy the pleasures of skiing. Here at Rocky Mountain Resole, we frequent the backcountry in the rugged Rocky Mountains and understand these needs.

We are able to resole any telemark boot to factory specifications. We carry the standard Vibram 3-Pin 75mm.

Telemark Ski Boot Resole Repair Rebuild

The uppers of telemark and other ski boots take a lot of abuse on the slopes. We carry replacement parts for all of the major manufacturers, including Scarpa, Merrell, Asolo and Arkos. Instep buckles or any additional buckles can also be installed in most telemark and other ski boots.

Telemark and Ski Boot Resole Pricing

Leather Telemark Boots

Vibram 3-Pin Tele Resole

$110.00 Click For More Info

Plastic Ski Boots


$120.00 Click For More Info

AT Boots

$120.00 Click For More Info
We can add rubber to the bottom of almost any plastic boot.

Vibram Ski Boot Conversion

Ski Boot Vibram Sole

 3 Pin Telemark

Snowboarding Boot Vibram Sole Conversion